This branch is all about merging Engineering and Agriculture to boost agricultural productivity and to enhance the existing processes, methods etc associated with farming. In a nutshell, it is associated with improving farming practices taking the help of Engineering. Studying M Tech and specializing in any niche within the field of Agriculture will prove to be of use! This will open doors that will lead you to the high salary paying R&D sector. Abroad, there is great demand for qualified R&D professionals who are familiar with this field.

Important topics covered in this course are- Chemistry, Irrigation Engineering, Soil Science, Water resource management, Agricultural Machinery, Energy sources, Product preservation, Product transportation, Land surveying and leveling, Biology, Food storage and marketing.

After completion of the course, relevant agricultural M.Tech. programs are available. Graduates may also go for management courses (MBA is the popular choice among graduates). Job profiles are-

  • Agricultural Engineer
  • Research Engineer
  • Purchase Manager
  • Logistics Officer
  • Resource Manager
  • Farm/Plantation Manager

Job opportunities are available in the Government as well as Private sector. Some popular areas of employment are-

  • State wise Food Boards
  • Food Processing plants
  • Private farms and plantations
  • Agricultural Machinery manufacturing firms
  • Fertilizer firms


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