Technology has advanced so much that the field of Dairy Sciences has been given an Engineering branch of its own! This branch deals with various aspects related to the dairy industry. Some of those aspects are- producing milk, processing it, machinery associated with it, transportation, innovating the processes, dealing with the by products, enhancing productivity, improving scientific involvement etc.

Topics covered in this course are- Dairy development, Dairy products, Organic Chemistry, Food Engineering, Quality Control and Assurance, Dairy Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Marketing, Dairy Plant design and maintenance, Dairy Plant operations management, Dairy products distribution, Food Science and Nutrition, Microbiology, Milk Management, Biotechnology, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Dairy Machinery.

After graduation, one may go for M.Tech. program or take up management course. These options are for those who are interested in advanced studies. For those looking for employment, the following sectors will be of help-

  • State wise Food Boards
  • State wise Dairy Development Boards
  • Food Processing units
  • Private Dairy processing firms
  • Dairy farms
  • Banks (specializing in loans for farmers)
  • Dairy machinery manufacturing firms
  • Research firms

Job profiles related to this field are-

  • Dairy Engineer
  • Dairy Plant supervisor
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Resource Manager
  • Logistics Officer
  • Machine Designer
  • Research Engineer


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