Again, this course, when compared with other branches and courses is offered by fewer number of colleges. It is an ‘Evergreen branch’, when it comes to job availability.

Chemical Engineering program covers the following topics- Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Fluid Mechanics, Biochemistry, Thermodynamics, Safety Technology, Process Control, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Chemical reaction Engineering, Equipment Design, Chemical processes and Chemical plant design.

After course completion, graduates may go for M.Tech. (Master’s) program and specialize in a particular discipline. Some such specializations are- Nanotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemical Synthesis, Petrochemicals and Fertilizers. Let us take a look at some of the well known job profiles available in front of graduates-

  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Plant Manager
  • Plant Designer
  • Safety Officer
  • Resource Manager

It is being said that the branch is tough and requires hard-work to score good marks. Mastering Organic and Inorganic Chemistry could be tough, dealing with the task of balancing Chemical reactions could be tricky. But after Graduation, bright Graduates will be able to land high salary jobs at different Industries like- Chemical, Refining, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Sectors! Not only private sector, Graduates will also be able to find jobs at Public sector giants such as ONGC, FACT, OIL etc! Sectors where graduates will find employment-

  • Refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Food Processing units
  • Fertilizer manufacturing units
  • Oil & Natural gas plants
  • Power plants
  • Pharmaceutical units

Hope you liked our list of top Engineering branches. This list has been prepared keeping in mind the job prospects of a student after graduating. Many engineering graduates from different colleges ( top colleges, average colleges and below average colleges) and different branches/courses (almost all the branches available in India) were interviewed online. This list of top courses has been prepared based on their insights. Now it is time to revise this list and add more entries to it. Here are some more promising Engineering branches-

They say that to stay ahead of competitors in the job market, one should act smart right from college days. I say that one has to take smart decisions even before choosing an Engineering branch! For example, have you guys even thought about the immense saturation that Engineering field has been undergoing?

If you haven’t given it much thought, do think about it now. As I told before, the increase in number of colleges has increased competition in the job market by pumping up the numbers of Engineering graduates.

The smartest way to stay ahead of the crowd is by getting admission in a premier Institute! Some of us manage to accomplish that task. But the vast majority of above average, average and below average students end up in mediocre and low quality institutes.

Another way around is to have sublime skills and passion about that particular field of Engineering. Take for example the stories of illustrious College dropouts like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc. They were talented and skillful, so, college Degree didn’t mattered at all to them! If you belong to the same mould as them, worry not about the college!

But the most practical solution, in case of mediocre students is to select the Engineering branch to pursue wisely! The key is to select a less saturated branch. A branch that promises good job opportunities and less competition by the time you graduate!

I’ve assembled a list of Engineering branches that are very less saturated. A good number of them are related to Agriculture field. They are less opted by students and less popular. But job opportunities are available in abundance in both Government and Private sector, when it comes to these branches. Let’s start the list


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