Indian-origin developer creates voice-controlled AI app that mimics weather conditions

Indian-origin developer creates voice-controlled AI app that mimics weather conditions

oogle has created an AI-powered terrarium that tells the live weather of any part of the earth by mimicking the conditions of that place.

Project Oasis brings nature and technology together and lets users interact with them using voice. It can mimic rain, fog, clouds as well as sunshine.


What does the terranium comprise?

The terrarium comprises three modules: Dialogflow functions, Cloud PubSub NodeJS listener, and Arduino sketch.

It recreates rain, clouds and lighting in a self-sufficient closed and living ecosystem.


How does the system work?

This project was under construction for a long time and the company called it Project Oasis and is a voice-controlled terrarium that recreates outside weather inside a box.

You can talk to it through Google Assistant to ask about the weather or ask it to create certain conditions. This is one of the coolest ways of using an AI for the betterment of the future.

For example:

If you ask about the weather in New Delhi, the terrarium will recreate the weather with light, shooting mist (for fog or clouds) or rain depending upon the current weather conditions of the capital city.


"Other developers can also build their own terrarium by following the given instructions. Also, we did Googles Dialog flow to parse natural language for the required parameters of city, location or action," said Indian-origin developer Harpreet Sareen.


What are the functions of such an AI?

These functions use open weather map API to extract information about clouds, rain, light conditions at a particular location, said the officials.

The result is passed onto the terrarium using Googles Cloud PubSub a real-time notification system. PubSub messages then trigger appropriate components within the terrarium.

Users can build their own terrarium by visiting the official Project Oasis Github page.


sources : India Today