Madras High Court disapproves changing birth date in class 10, 12 certificates

Madras High Court disapproves changing birth date in class 10, 12 certificates

The Madras High Court has rejected the plea made by a woman to change the date of birth in class 10 and 12 school certificates on the basis that parents had given the wrong date of birth during admission to Class 1.

"If the date of birth is altered, the entire qualifications possessed by the petitioner would become invalid as she would not have had the required age eligibility to join Class 1 with the altered date of birth," Justice S Vaidyanathan said, as per PTI.

"The court cannot even decide the issue based on sympathy as it will give a premium for everyone to knock at the doors of the court to alter date of birth," he added.

How did the issue start?

  1. The issue pertains to an entreaty moved by S Indhumathi, who submitted that she was born on July 17, 1997 in Madurai, while the date of birth in her class 10 and 12 certificates was mentioned as May 17, 1997.
  2. Though the records with the Madurai Corporation had the original date of birth, it was incorrectly mentioned in her school records, she wrote.
  3. On April 20, she had made a representation to the School Education Department to modify her birth date in her school certificates.
  4. As the authorities failed to respond, she moved the court.
  5. When the plea came up for hearing, the counsel for the School Education Department submitted that such correction could not be made according to the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Secondary Education Certificate Rules.
  6. The Counsel further submitted that the rules prescribed completion of five years of age for admission to Class 1 and therefore, the petitioner's parents might have given an incorrect date of birth to secure admission for their daughter.

In case you haven't heard of such a case before, know that it is very common for parents to do change their child's birth date on school certificates so as to get their child admitted into a batch of their choice.



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