Ranchi's Rohit Prasad, the father of Amazon Alexa

Ranchi's Rohit Prasad, the father of Amazon Alexa
Alexa, who created you?

The world is getting crazy for Amazon's virtual assistant, Alexa, while a few know that it is an Indian. Yes, you saw it right! An India-born engineer, Rohit Prasad who hails from Ranchi, has given life to Alexa. He has been leading the technology for the last five years.


Prasad's early life:

Prasad belongs to Ranchi and still his family resides there. He visits the city once every year-and-a-half. Moreover, the celebrated engineering has completed his early education in India.

After completing his engineering from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, Prasad went to the Illinois Institute of Technology, US, for an MS in electrical engineering. That's probably where his interest in speech recognition began, as per The Economic Times report.

Before joining Amazon, Prasad worked at BBN Technologies which was one of the founding sites of ARPANET, a predecessor of the internet.

What inspired Prasad?

Prasad began his journey with Amazon in the year 2018 and worked extensively to enhance the quality of customers' interaction with Amazon's products and services.

Two years ago, he was designated as the head scientist of 'Alexa artificial intelligence'.

When asked about his journey, the engineer said to The Economic Times, "We grew up in the 'Star Trek' era that was the inspiration for us." So, in a way, it was 'Star Trek' era that inspired the techie.




  • Prasad and his colleague Toni Reid, who focuses on the consumer experience side, has attained rank 15 on Recode's list of 100 people in tech, business and media who mattered in 2017.
  • He was also ranked No. 9 in Fast Company's 100 most creative people in business in 2017.


Current plans of Prasad:

After creating Alexa, Prasad focuses to improve Alexa's core intelligence.

He is working to make her capable to deal with ambiguous commands as well as to accomplish various complex tasks - like planning a vacation.

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